Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tortilla in my home


1 package of Tortilla
1 big carrot
1 onion
vegetable spices
soy sauce
tomato sauce
chicken breast

Cut chicken, carrot and onion on small pieces. 
Put oil on hot pan. Add onion and carrot. After minute add half of cup water.
Then add chicken. Add tomato sauce. Leave to cook for 10 minute until vegetable are soft and cooked.
Add spices, soy sauce, hot sauce, pepper and everything that you like.
Mixed and leave until water diapers.
Heat the pan and put one by one tortilla. 
Leave on pan about 1 minute on both side, until tortilla become soft.
Do that until all tortilla are baked.
And serve with olives, ketchup, mayonnaise, cheese .....

Prijatno!!!! Bon Apetite!!

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