Monday, April 1, 2013

Online free courses Ancient Greek Hero

This is my second online course, but the first that's free. I have found this site called Edx. Over here you can find free courses that's hold by Harvard professor. I must say I was thinking that it would be loose course, but it is very seriously done.

I registered myself to course called The Ancient Greek Hero . And for now I am stunned with professionalism of the whole team that is working on it. It held your attention and through every hour you learn a lots of interesting things. Professor Gregory Nagy make comparison with movies that have been popular or have some awards in movie industry. Every step make you to think about Ancient Heroes and what is real meaning.

And of course at the end of course, you get certificate. All you have to do is to complete all quizzes in every hour. Also if you don't like this kind of course, you can choose different course.

Now only thing that is up to me, is to go and read Ancient Greek until new post.

Have nice day,

Sweetie B.

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