Friday, May 3, 2013

Easter bunnies

Hello my dearest,
in my country is Orthodox Easter so I am preparing interesting food in according to the holiday.
First on my menu is Easter Bunnies, very easy to make only thing that you need is patience. I find this recipe in online magazine Mezze.

Things you need:
600 gr flour
80 gr sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 bag of dry yeast
two yolk
50 gr butter
350 ml milk
one yolk
1 teaspoon of milk
15 - 16 pieces raisins 


Mix flour, salt, dry yeast, sugar, chopped butter, two yolk and warm milk together.
Make soft dough and leave it at warm place to become twice bigger than it is.
Turn oven on 180 degrees..
Put dough on working table and divide to 15 - 16 equal pieces, and then every piece divide to three pieces, one big, one medium and one small part. Medium part make to look like tear drop, biggest one make to look like a long worm, which are you going to bend in circle, in that way that end will be on half of circle on the left side. On top you are going to put medium part, before putting you are going to cut in half to become ears of bunny. The smaller part is going to be tail. For easier attaching put little of cold water on tail to be like a glue. And in the end put raisin to be eye of rabbit.
Mix yolk with teaspoon of milk and spread on every bunny.
Put in hot oven and bake for 15 minutes until is become brown.

Enjoy in Spring time

Sweetie B.